CONSIDERATIONS for Intervention

In order to fully understand what an intervention is, we must examine what each and every intervention includes. Understanding all the facets helps everyone involved be on the same page. First we start with discovery and gather facts to have a complete understanding of the issues being faced. Secondly, it is important to determine the most efficient and effective intervention approach, which includes finding the treatment center that offers the most appropriate fit, and is an affordable option for the family. Travel arrangements must also be discussed prior to the intervention.


Another area of focus becomes developing the process in which participants should write intervention letters. During this time, we will also brainstorm for any objections that might arise as well as determine how to overcome those objections. Consequences their loved one will face if they choose not to go into a treatment plan must also be outlined and understood by all participants.


Once treatment is accepted, your treatment provider will receive a professional summary and the first session of family recovery will be scheduled.