This model of intervention , developed by Wayne Raiter, seeks to intervene on treat the entire family versus just the Identified Patient who is the addicted person.  This model of intervention includes three phases which are Systemic Intervention, Systemic Treatment and Systemic Reintegration.

In the first phase, the focus is on changing the family paradigm away from shame based interactions to positive and healing interaction.  The second phase, Systemic Treatment, addresses the component of each member getting individual help as well as the system as a whole getting help. This phase can last a while as treatment moves from the acute phase to a treatment maintenance phase. The Reintegration Phase focuses on reintegrating an Identified Patient into a new system that supports recovery and has been deconstructed from the old shame based system.  This model does not focus on time frames for each phase but instead uses an overall time frame of the interventionist being involved for a year which gives the family system time to go through treatment and reintegrate and work on solidifying the new healthy ways of relating and living.

Taken from Walking Miracles by Wayne Raiter and Chris Bathum